We think research
we print future
The big difference between actions and words We could start telling the story of our company by saying that we started printing polymers 50 years ago. Those are words. We have to be honest: in a world as fast-paced as the one we operate in, history is of absolutely relative value. When we started out, we were using materials and techniques that today seem prehistoric, out of time.
And they absolutely are.

Talking about that past serves little purpose: we want to be future.
The secret of BC ITALIANA's great strength lies in having created, in its 50 years of activity, a production chain able to never leave the customer between two fires and to foresee in advance possible criticalities that only those who produce a component from the beginning to the end can know.

From this chain was born the joint table that in the listening phase is able to understand the needs of the customer and guide him, avoiding false steps, to a prototyping and a development extremely AGILE.
Who is the perfect
BC ITALIANA customer?
If your company needs to print a billion caps for pens or bottles, we are definitely not the supplier you are looking for. We would absolutely be able to serve you in the best possible way but in the market there are many companies that are more structured, and consequently economical, to carry out a supply of that type.

BC ITALIANA is instead the right supplier for all companies that do not want, or cannot, give up perfect components in non-industrial quantities.. That's because the attention and care we can pour into 100,000 pieces we couldn't get on 100,000,000.

The market is full of companies that do it all. We don't.
This is what we know and want to do.
That is why, after 50 years, we are still here, stronger and more ready for the future.
The rest are words.
We print the future.