This is what we do. Everyday.
Printing polymers is what we have been doing every day for over 50 years; it is the most delicate and important part of our business, but it is also the final step in a careful and painstaking process.

In all these years techniques and materials have changed profoundly
but the spirit with which we face new challenges every day has not changed.
A new vision
for a modern factory
In our plant in Bologna, in the productive heart of the Italian peninsula, all the workings are carried out with machines of the latest generation on which we carry out a scrupulous weekly calibration to maintain our strictest production standards.

Sample tests are carried out on every single batch to avoid even the smallest possible anomaly due to the very nature of the raw materials. Only in this way it is possible to achieve a homogeneous production in line with the expectations of our customers. Only when the production manager considers everything to be compliant is the entire process considered certified.
Certified Quality Nowadays companies cannot do without subjecting their production process to periodic certifications. Certifications are necessary in order to operate efficiently, but they are only the starting point.
Achieving the most ambitious goals requires continued investment in research.
Every day, every hour, new polymers are being created all over the world.
Each of these has a particular function that pushes forward the evolution not only of design, but of the performance of the products that will be made with them. BC Italiana has strongly focused on this aspect and has set up an efficient internal laboratory to which it has entrusted the task of monitoring the new polymers and their possible fields of application.

An important research that translates into innovative solutions capable of optimizing design time and costs, a great wealth of knowledge that is proactively shared with the technical departments of its customers. This activity ensures an ever broader vision which, in the most complex projects, is as precious as it is indispensable.
Together it is easier to grow
Together you are more agile