Agility + rapidity x precision / on time the formula for success
is very simple
Very often there is no second chance to be on time; very often projects don't get a second chance to succeed in today's marketplace. Arriving late means giving your competitors an almost always unrecoverable advantage.. At BC, we know these issues well, we've been dealing with them forever, and we realized that in order to offer a real advantage to our customers, we needed to go a step further.
And we did: we have abandoned the logics that for 50 years have regulated the rhythms of production in order to develop a new system able to face the possible problems in the bud, making every workflow AGILE and SAFE..

We never intentionally use the word speed because speed is only a consequence of agility. Simply speeding up production would have been much simpler after all, but it would also have increased the possible direct and indirect problems: it is useless to run if you take the wrong direction.

For this reason in our AGILE SYSTEM all the technicians involved cooperate in a harmonious way and the various activities are shared and monitored throughout their path: from pre-analysis to design, from the mold to quality control without neglecting the logistics phase. Problems can happen, they're part of the job, but thanks to this proven system today we're able to make them less dangerous than they could be.
AGILE SYSTEM of BC was born
to respond dynamically
to the needs of a fast-paced market.
We listen to The extended technical table of the BC supply chain The whole process is activated when the table of technicians of the BC integrated supply chain meets. This is the moment when all the figures involved listen to the customer's needs. Listening is a fundamental phase to better understand the expectations of the designer and align them with the AGILE process. We propose We add experience to ideas After listening, we move on to data analysis in which all the technicians evaluate the problems related to the processing and the consequent implementation of the component in its operational scenario. The research and development department also examines which polymer best responds to the characteristics of the project among the more than 1000 available. It is precisely this synergistic activity that ensures a very broad vision which, in the most complex projects, is as precious as it is indispensable. The result of this work is a clear report that does not fail to highlight all the possible alternatives to optimize performance and costs. We process From paper to digital Once the analysis is over, we move on to the design phase, which in BC is extremely flexible and precise. The technical department is in fact able to operate on any type of 2D/3D cad project or to start, as sometimes happens, from a simple draft drawn on paper. Making concrete the customer's needs is what we do best and in an extremely AGILE way: it is precisely this feature that allows us to realize prototypes so quickly. We Prototype Minimum tolerances, maximum guarantees The molding of a sample is a fundamental step in the AGILE system. This is the moment in which we pass concretely from the idea to the prototype that will help the designers to prevent and eliminate eventual anomalies in the final phase of production. For this reason the prototype must be extremely accurate and with minimum tolerances, otherwise it would not be able to carry out its correct function. Thanks to its AGILE SYSTEM BC can guarantee the delivery of an accurate prototype in just 24 hours. We evaluate Seven scrupulous controls for the 21-day goal With the prototype in hand, technicians and designers can carry out all the possible tests up to the enhancement of any changes and move on to the creation of the final moulds. The moulds are the key to obtain quality components and for this reason they are subjected to seven scrupulous controls to verify that they are simply perfect. Thanks to the AGILE SYSTEM we can guarantee the realization of moulds in just 21 days. We print We simply print Once the prototype has been created and the moulds have been checked, the final moulding can be carried out. The BC plant has the latest generation of machines that are calibrated weekly to meet our most stringent production standards. Each step of the production process is constantly checked by technical experts through sample tests in which color, thickness and homogeneity are checked: only when the production manager considers everything as compliant, the entire process is considered ready for shipment. We deliver The result of a guaranteed system Over the years, we have realized that many people consider the packaging and logistics phases to be secondary operations. However, protecting the components that will face the pitfalls of a shipment is never a trivial task. In BC we pay special attention to these activities in order to avoid any aesthetic or functional damage; the people in charge of these operations use packaging able to protect the contents even from the most enterprising couriers and place the BC guarantee seal neck by neck
This is what we call AGILE SYSTEM.
Agility is our answer to market challenges.
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